Are You Ready To Activate & Stabilize the Flourishing of Your Soul?

Evolve beyond spiritual concepts and experience awakening to the true nature of the Soul.


The Soul Journey process has been designed to bring mind, body, and emotions into a harmonious union to activate spiritual awakening and Soul illumination.
Mind, body, and emotions all have their innate wisdom and make up the multifaceted diamond of you, but they are not true to your deepest nature.
They are each an aspect of your conditioned being and when they are identified with as who you are, they can distract you from the luminous wisdom of the Soul.


Soul is that mysterious, intangible force that calls you to adventure.
It asks you to step out of your ordinary life to follow a passionate fire within,
that yearns for something more.


Soul is the north star of your life. It knows the best way forward for you to achieve your greatest success.
Soul quietly resides within you, tucked away under the layers of your conditioned self.
To experience a genuine connection to Soul, you must seek it out.
The Soul Journey process supports you to bring balance to the powerful forces of mind, body, and emotion, in order to live a Soul-centered life.

Allow the Light of your Soul to Guide your Journey

~ It is Time to Liberate and Celebrate the Radiant Soul that You Are ~

Soul Journey is the invitation to step into the fire of self discovery.
This fire will not burn you.
It will only burn what you are not and set your heart free.


+ We engage practices such as: Spiritual Life Coaching – Somatic Release Work – Channeled Energetic Healing and Soul-craft Practices.

You will be supported with spiritual tools that allow you to claim your freedom and live a life of liberation and celebration.

+ You will find the gifts held within the wounds and be empowered to bring those gifts out into the world.

+ You will be aligned with the wisdom and power of your Soul.


Your spiritual connection to your sacred source within, is the true master healer.
You are innately powerful and all of the answers are inside of you.
I simply create an opportunity for you to experience deep self-reflection and discover your innate genius within.

We will go an enlightening journey of restoring your wholeness so that you can experience living a Soul-connected life.


+ We bring awareness to imbalances held within – We restore harmony – We bring you into alignment with your divine design.

+ You will be guided to cultivate inner peace and become centered within.

You will receive an energetic transmission, channeled specifically for you, that increases clarity and vibrational resonance through out your entire being.

+ You will experience a shift from feelings of inadequacy to mastery.

We can transform anything that you want to bring forth to be alchemized within the fire of the Soul.
 unique coaching process takes you on a journey through the gateways of your Soul- mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
All imbalance originates from a spiritual disconnection and energetic dis-regulation within one or more of these gateways.
During this is alchemical healing process we will bring loving acceptance and unification to all fragmented aspects of yourself.


Are You Ready to Look at Your Life through the Lens of Love?


“Lisa instinctively knew what my soul needed for the healing of a deeply seated loss. Her presence is loving, calming, accepting, and open. She prepared a safe place for me to reach inside and touch what needed to be touched.”

~Dottie Hirvela, Life-Cycle Celebrant

“My time with Lisa was brought on during my healing crisis in 2016. I was experiencing shutdown, spiritual turmoil, emotional fear, and energetic disharmony. I never felt connected to any healer I had met, until I started working with Lisa. Her character, energy, and way of being is what built my respect for what she does. Other things I enjoyed about Lisa was her engagement, presence, and ability to give me complete perspectives that are truly for MY highest good. She supplied truths not limited to a single perspective but of a more natural, all inclusive way of seeing into the issue as a teaching device and the solution. She is here to help remind us all of our power and our home. She is who reminded me of who I am and what I am here for.”

~Nicolas Cohen, Entrepreneur


~ This is Your Invitation to Awaken ~


+ Offered In Person: Crestone, CO


+ Zoom Video Call
Video Recording of Session Given


+ 90 Minutes


+ Session Exchange: $120
Sliding Scale Available: Contact Here


+ Unsure if this is right for you? Schedule a FREE Exploration Call to Find Out.

Lisa Holds an Alchemical Space that Catalyzes Soul Level Healing


During each session Lisa offers a channeled transmission and healing energies that are specifically attuned to you.
Lisa has been an energetic healer and channel for over two decades.
You will be brought into harmonic resonance with the frequency of your Soul.

Ignite Your Soul Fire

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