Awaken to the True Nature of Your Soul

Evolve beyond spiritual concepts and experience awakening to the true nature of the Soul.

The Soul Journey process has been designed to bring mind, body, and emotions into a harmonious union of alchemized potency,
so that you can reside deeper within and access the tranquility of your Soul.
Mind, body, and emotions all have their innate wisdom and make up the multifaceted diamond of you, but they are not true to your deepest nature.

They are each an aspect of your conditioned being and when they are identified with as who you are, they can distract you from the luminosity of the Soul.


Soul is that mysterious, intangible force that calls you to adventure.
It asks you to step out of your ordinary life to follow the passionate fire within
that yearns for something more.

Soul is the north star of your life and it knows the way forward to achieve your greatest success. Soul quietly resides within you, tucked away under the layers of your conditioned self. To authentically experience a genuine connection to Soul you must seek it out. The incessant chatter of the mind keeps you from the Souls quiet nature. The swirling tides of emotion never allow you to settle down into the depths of Soul. The aches and pains of the body hold your attention so tightly grasped that the equanimity of the Soul evades you. The Soul Journey process invites you to bring peace to these powerful forces of mind, body, and emotion
to be able to fully attune to the true nature of the Soul.

Allow the Light of your Soul to Guide your Journey

Are You Ready To Activate & Stabilize the Flourishing of Your Soul?

During a Soul Journey Session you will be guided inward to ask the questions that evoke your Soul.
To experience this realm of Soul we engage practices such as Reflective Self-Inquiry, Deep Imagery Journeys, Shadow Work, and Personal Ceremony. To meet Soul we must evoke non-ordinary states of consciousness to reveal aspects of self that are hidden from everyday awareness. I support you with tools and techniques to quiet the mind and bring peace to your emotions so that you can amplify the voice of your Soul. I offer to you a judgment free zone, a safe space of love, and transformational listening.
We will bring together your fragmented aspects of self and alchemize them back into love so that you become a fully integrated being.
In between each session you will be given personalized practices to keep you engaged with this alchemical process.


Shift from an ordinary state of consciousness to an awakened state of consciousness.
You will learn practices that stabilize awakening within you to allow the essential mystery of Soul to animate your being. The Soul speaks to us from within but we spend much of the time searching for our truth from the outside world. During your session you will learn how to source your wisdom from within the depths of your own Soul. We will light an alchemical fire of transmutation for you to be purified by it’s light. This process supports you to catalyze renewal at the level of heart and Soul so that you can experience true breakthrough and deep personal transformation.


Soul embodiment comes through the process of actualizing your core powers and making them visible to the world.
Your core Soul powers consist of your your core values, your core abilities, and your core knowledge. The Soul is the sacred realm of your most heartfelt purpose,
your unique wisdom, and it provides genuine significance to your life. Soul Journey sessions will align you with these core powers so that you can
manifest your Soul-level uniqueness and gifts into the world. 


Soul Journey sessions are tailored to your individual needs.
There are no limits or boundaries here. We can explore, embrace, and transform anything that you want to bring forth to be alchemized within the fire of the Soul.
This is your sacred time to deepen into the mystery that is you and awaken to your Soul’s light. You are innately powerful and all of the answers are inside of you.
I simply create an opportunity for you to experience deep self-reflection in order to discover your innate genius within the heart of your very own Soul.


~ It is Time to Liberate and Celebrate the Radiant Soul that You Are ~


“Lisa instinctively knew what my soul needed for the healing of a deeply seated loss. Her presence is loving, calming, accepting, and open. She prepared a safe place for me to reach inside and touch what needed to be touched.”

~Dottie Hirvela, Life-Cycle Celebrant

“My time with Lisa was brought on during my healing crisis in 2016. I was experiencing shutdown, spiritual turmoil, emotional fear, and energetic disharmony. I never felt connected to any healer I had met, until I started working with Lisa. Her character, energy, and way of being is what built my respect for what she does. Other things I enjoyed about Lisa was her engagement, presence, and ability to give me complete perspectives that are truly for MY highest good. She supplied truths not limited to a single perspective but of a more natural, all inclusive way of seeing into the issue as a teaching device and the solution. She is here to help remind us all of our power and our home. She is who reminded me of who I am and what I am here for.”

~Nicolas Cohen, Entrepreneur


~ Your Journey of Liberation Includes ~

+ Deepening Into Your Intrinsic Value.


+ A Shift From Inadequacy to Mastery.


+ Practices to Catalyze Spiritual Evolution.


+ Awakening Out of Limited Beliefs and Emotional Patterns.


+ A Direct Connection with Soul to Guide You Through the Unfolding Mystery of Life.


Soul Leads You to Vast and Expansive Places that Open Up Into the Life of Your Dreams

~ This is Your Invitation to Awaken ~


+ Sessions Offered via Skype, Phone or In Person.


+ 90 Minutes


+ Session Exchange: $150
(If this limits your ability to receive a Soul Journey,
Contact Me for sliding scale)


+ Unsure if this is Right For You? Schedule a FREE Exploration Call to Find Out.

Lisa Holds an Alchemical Space that Catalyzes Soul Level Healing


Lisa is an Energy Alchemist who harmonizes a fusion of healing energies that are specifically balanced and attuned to you.

A private session with Lisa includes an option for a guided, healing meditation that is unique to your situation. This serves as an energetic transmission that restores harmony, clarity, and vibrational resonance through out your entire being. This experience also provides an opportunity to deepen into your Soul’s love and wisdom.

Ignite your Soul Fire &
Awaken to your Radiance

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