To know Nature is to put oneself in Harmony with the entire Universe.

The language of the Universe is the same language as the Soul.

To receive the Medicine of your Soul, leave the ordinary world behind and cross over into the mysteries of nature and psyche . When you connect with nature as healer, mirror, and self-discovery medium, it gives you insights about how you can transform and grow through life. You are nature. You are air, earth, water, fire – breath, bones, blood, energy. 

Your Soul Medicine is a healing balm for yourself and is also the gift that you have to share with the world. Indigenous people around the world would go on a vision quest to undergo initiations in nature to receive their medicine and deepen their connection with the whole of creation. This shows us that genuine medicine empowerment comes through the spiritual wonders of the wild. At the interface between spirit-indwelt nature and spirit-indwelt human, the medicine of the Soul comes alive. By going on this journey you will be able to clearly see your Soul Medicine reflected in the mirror of the natural world. 

Spending time in nature quiets the mind. When the mind is calm it allows a more subtle voice to emerge, the voice of the Soul. Disconnection from the natural world reflects the disconnection from the nature of your own Soul. The fear that people have about stepping off the paved trail to be immersed in the wilds of nature, is symbolic of their reluctance to dive deeper into that untamed and pure essence within called Soul. The remedy for this is to spend time in nature. Let us begin to think of nature as nutrition, an essential vitamin for the Soul.


“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” 

~Albert Einstein

Receive the Medicine of your Soul

Soul Medicine Sessions are based upon Nature-Based Soulwork, Shamanic Healing Practices, and Shinrin-yoku, “the medicine of simply being in the forest.”
A Soul Medicine Session invites you to connect with nature in a way that promotes insight and instills reflection. You will cultivate a living root that anchors you into the wellspring of healing energy that nature provides. This will enliven you and awaken you to the deeper dimensions of you Soul. 


Nature is a powerful force and source of life giving energy that you can feel without question.
You are a luminous field of energy. Everything in the Universe is composed of this same luminous energy and it is all connected by the greater web of life. 
The alchemy of elements that come together in a synergistic way to create and sustain life, are the same elements that can be alchemized within you, to transmute the past and birth you into new life. The life giving nourishment that nature provides is a powerful reservoir of deep healing and radical transformation for you.


I assist as a midwife helping you to birth the pure potential of your Soul.
I create a container that allows space for the living wisdom of Nature to teach and guide you. I ask you how you can relate what you are experiencing in nature as a symbolic metaphor and mirror to what is currently happening in your life. You and I will work in awareness together discovering the messages and medicine of your Soul.


A Soul Medicine Session re-establishes the connection of the human Soul with the heartbeat of the Earth.
A Soul Medicine Session fosters communion with nature to promote healing, balance, and empowerment. Evoking the mystery and magic of nature will connect you to the language and wisdom of the Universe. By meditating in nature’s open awareness you become an apprentice to Grandmother Nature herself and she will guide you toward the gifts that live within your Soul.

Allow the Power of Nature and Soul to Guide You

 Learn the skill of medicine tracking and strengthen your ability to read and respond to the signs that you have evoked in the mirror of nature. 


Work directly with the elements of nature and harmonize their healing powers within your body. 


+ Experience Nature Based Practices that facilitate you to become activated and empowered with your personal Soul Medicine. 


Explore the energetics of nature and your undeniable connectedness with the natural world. 


You will be aligned with the Soul Medicine you have received and understand how you can apply it within the context of your day to day life. 


A Soul Medicine Session is like answering a call from the Great Mystery of Life.
Your Soul is calling…
Will you listen?

The Medicine of Being in the Forest

Go to Nature. Slow Down. Breathe Deeply.
Open all of your senses and connect to the life all around you.
This is the Healing Way of Shinrin-Yoku,
the Medicine of Simply Being in the Forest. 

Are You Ready to Re-Wild Your Soul?

The Initiation 

Reconnect with Earth and Her Living Rhythm.

Explore Instinct & Impulse.

+ Track your Wild Inner and Outer Nature.

Find Your Place of Belonging in the more than Human Community.


Receive Energetic Nourishment from the Elements of Nature.



The Invitation

+ Offered via Skype, Phone or In Person.


+ 1.5 Hours in Duration.


+ Session Exchange: $120
(If this exchange limits your ability to experience a Soul Medicine Session,
Contact Me to Apply for a Sliding Scale)


Session Bundles Are Available. Inquire Here.


+ Unsure if this is Right For You? Schedule a FREE Exploration Call to Find Out.



In Person Sessions

Are held outside in natural locations such as: State Parks, Hiking Trails, Local Nature Parks.
In Person Sessions are currently held in: Taos, New Mexico



Virtual Sessions

Even though we are not in person you can still do deeply transformative work.
Soul Medicine Sessions are about your personal connection with the natural world.
I am only here to facilitate connecting the pathways of Nature and your Soul.

My teacher, Don Humberto Soncco, an Andean healing Priest, said to me, “The fundamental part of health and healing is that the person has to be connected to Pachamama (Mother Earth). They have to have reciprocity with nature. If something is out of balance in our body, then something is out of balance with us and nature and our connection to each other. Healing is connection with Pachamama. Healing doesn’t exist without it.” His words are what inspired me to offer Soul Medicine Sessions.

From an early age I have been deeply in tune with nature and the flow of life giving energy that the elements provide. Nature has always been my sanctuary, healer, and guide.

Ignite your Soul Fire &
Awaken to your Radiance

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