Soul Medicine Sessions offer a Ceremonial space,
that creates an Alchemical Healing container,
so that you can Embody the True Nature of your Soul.


We transform trauma into Soul Power.
We call your Embodied Presence into the Here and Now.
We invite every filament of your Soul to come alive with Source Energy.

Nature is a potent source of Life giving energy.
The symphony of Elements that unite together,
to create and sustain Life on Earth,
can be Alchemized within you,
to transmute the pain of the past and birth you into new Life.


Soul Medicine Session Pathways:

* Soul Embodiment Practices
* Somatic Listening & Experiencing
* Personalized Ceremony
* Indigenous Alchemical Healing
* Calling Home Soul Fragments
* Shamanic Journeys

I am going to take you on a journey
into the wild forests of your Soul.


I will invite you to come out of your wounds
and rise into your gifts.

You will stand as a Mountain
with feet rooted deep into Earth. 


You will come into
Alchemical Resonance
With all the Elements of Creation.


~ The Invitation ~

+ Offered In Person: Crestone, CO


+ Zoom Video Call
Video Recording of Session Given


+ 90 Minutes


+ Session Exchange: $120
Sliding Scale Available: Contact Here


+ Unsure if this is right for you? Schedule a FREE Exploration Call to Find Out.

My teacher,  Don Humberto Soncco Quispe, a High Priest of the Q’eros of the Andes Mountains of Peru, said to me,
“The fundamental part of health and healing is that the person has to be connected to Pachamama (Mother Earth).
They have to have reciprocity with nature. If something is out of balance in our body,
then something is out of balance with us and our connection to Nature.
Healing is connection with Pachamama. Healing doesn’t exist without it.”
His words are what inspired me to offer Soul Medicine Sessions.

It is my passion to learn from Indigenous Medicine Traditions of the World.
I believe they hold the healing seeds to awaken the global community to live in
balance with our spiritual nature
and in right relationship with the whole of Creation.

I have had the blessing to learn from medicine people of several lineages.
I offer them infinite gratitude, as they are the ones who taught me to lead with love,
and offered the greatest education in the realm of spiritual healing.

For each Soul Medicine Session purchased, a $20 donation will be made to the International Q’eros Foundation to support their goal to bring life sustaining relief to the Q’eros, while seeding longevity into the future. 

The vision and purpose of the International Q’ero Foundation is to sustain the Andean Cosmovision, the Indigenous identity and culture of the Q’eros Indigenous Peoples, for the next Seven Generations.

The Foundation will use this donation to support a variety of projects in the Andes including the support of clean water, solar electricity, short wave radio communication, and education.

Photo of Don Humberto Soncco Quispe, and his wife Dona Bernadina Soncco Quispe, High Priests of the Q’eros of the Andes Mountains of Peru.

You can Donate to the International Q’ero Foundation HERE

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