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Fire & Shadow

It takes courage to embrace and love your shadow. The shadow is simply a wounded part of yourself that is seeking to get your attention, as it is in need of your unconditional love. Offer all that lives within your shadow to the fire of transmutation and trust that it is all alchemized into love.

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The Gift Held Within the Wound

Our gifts are innate, inborn, and effortlessly expressed.
Our wounds dwell in the same place as our inherited gifts.
They activate and catalyze one another.

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Spiritual Realization & Soul Embodiment

When we are on the path of awakening to our inner light, we can find two different themes. Spiritual Realization, on the one hand, and Soul Embodiment, on the other. Many use Spirit and Soul interchangeably, thinking they mean the same thing, but they have very different energies. Spirit and Soul each have a unique pathway to follow when we want to actualize them in our lives.

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