I am Lisa.
I am so happy that you are here.

Lisa serves as a Spiritual Guide and Soul Evolution Catalyst who supports individuals to shift away from the noise of the mind and surrender into the tranquil intuition of the Soul. She is a Certified Master Life Coach, through the American School of Professional Life Coachingand has served as a Holistic Health Professional, Certified Wellness Educator, and Energetic Healer for over 20 years. 

A forever student of the subtle realms of energy, nature, spirit, and psyche, Lisa was deeply devoted to her Spiritual life at a young age. She was often found meditating in the woods connecting to Divine Source through the pathway of Nature. Her training in Energy Healing began at the age of 16 and continues to this day. She has been referred to as “bridging two worlds”, the worlds of the mystical and the material. 

What brings Lisa the greatest joy is to be of service to those who are ready to walk down the path of their Personal and Spiritual Evolution. She lends herself as a guide who inspires you to move towards what brings you to life. She offers a transpersonal coaching style that invites you to explore and integrate the fullness of your being, from mind, body, emotions, and spirit. This process activates and stabilizes the flourishing of your Soul and produces a tangible, personal transformation. 

Lisa’s education in the realm of spiritual healing came from her time spent with medicine peoples from the Hawaiian, Lakota, Seminole, and Peruvian lineages. Lisa has been initiated as a Paq’o within the lineage of the Q’ero Healers of Peru. A Paq’o works with the energies and elements of Nature to create inner balance, peace of mind, and to bring you into direct connection with the living nature of your Soul.

One of Lisa’s passions is learning from Indigenous Cultures about their sacred life-ways and their traditional healing methods. She feels infinitely grateful that these communities have opened their hearts and shared their wisdom with her. Lisa gives back to local, indigenous communities by serving as a management role for Lyla June, a Spiritual Activist, Musician, and Internationally Recognized Public Speaker, of Dine (Navajo) and Cheyenne Descent. Lisa also plays a supportive part in The Dream Warriors, an organization that assists Indigenous artists and educators in pursuing their passions by making dreams into realities.


Lisa Holds an Alchemical Space that Catalyzes Soul Level Healing

Lisa is an Energy Alchemist who harmonizes a fusion of healing energies that are specifically balanced and attuned to you.

A private session with Lisa includes an option for a guided, healing meditation that is unique to your situation. This serves as an energetic transmission that restores harmony, clarity, and vibrational resonance through out your entire being. This experience also provides an opportunity to deepen into your Soul’s love and wisdom.

In Honor of the Waters and the Wombs of the World and the Relationship Between the Two

A deep bow of gratitude in honor of my ancestors and in honor of women, ancient and modern, who’ve carried forth the wisdom of the divine feminine. In honor of that which they have delivered to me and of which I desire to deliver to you. Let us immerse ourselves into the deep feminine mysteries together. Offered in dedication to the womb waters of mother earth. 

My own journey of healing the trauma of being sexually abused in childhood is what brought me to cultivating a relationship with my womb as a pathway for healing. I began to transform in ways that were tangible to myself and others around me. Experiencing this positive shift in my overall state of being, is what inspired me to support other women through this gateway of feminine spiritual healing. For over a decade I have been learning the arts and skills of feminine restoration and wholeness so that I can truly support other women who have stories similar to my own, as well as women who are wanting to discover the mysteries of the deep feminine within.

I have been a Womb Keeper of the 13th Rite of the Womb since 2013. This is a ceremonial and energetic transmission that came from the female shaman of the Shipibo Nation within the jungles of the Amazon. It is intended to reconnect you with the sacred feminine principle of your womb and it contains the power to energetically cleanse any imbalances or traumas held within the womb. I am also an Initiate of the Deep Feminine Mysteries through, Her Mystery School, and along side the mentorship of my teacher, Jumana Sophia of AquaMystica. 

I am here to remind women that they carry an altar of life within their wombs and to empower them spiritually and energetically to embody that knowing.

© 2018 Lisa Love