Greetings Beautiful Being,

I am Lisa Love – Master Level Spiritual Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Channel, Somatic Therapist, and Healer of the Feminine.

The ability to channel and perceive the subtle realms of energy and spirit have always lived within me and grew stronger
through spiritual discipline and the initiations I received from my teachers.
I channel wisdom from the Galactic Federation, the Star Councils of Light, and the Angelic Realm.

My gift is in helping you clear the energetic grids and karmic templates that are held deep within the mental, physical, emotional,
and energetic systems of your being. Once you are liberated from limitations, I activate you to align with your Soul and awaken.

I am here in Service to those who are ready to walk the path of Soul Evolution.

Lisa is a Soul Alchemist who Actives and Stabilizes the Embodiment of Your Soul.

Knowing that true transformation happens when we tend to the whole person – mind, body, emotions, spirit, and energy –
Lisa became professionally trained in many modalities. Offering this multi-dimensional healing environment to her clients
has proven to provide them with real results and tangible transformation in their lives.  

Lisa Serves as a Mentor for your Spiritual Revolution.

She has been called a Soul Evolution Catalyst, a Galactic Activator, and a Bridger of the worlds of Spirit and Matter.
Her heart-centered work supports you to shift away from the noise of the mind and surrender into the wisdom of the Soul. 

Lisa Activates her clients to Align with the Highest Evolutionary potential of their Soul and Awaken.


Certified Master Level Life Coach:  American School of Professional Life Coaching

Certified Her Mystery School Initiate, 3rd Level: Her Mystery School

Womb Keeper of the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki: Marcela Lobos

Certified Energetic Healer: Laurence Layne, Energetic Attunement Practitioner;
Vianna Stibal, Theta Healer;  Ariane McMinn, Reiki Master;  Divinity Healing Center, Energetic Healer.

Paqo Healer: Direct apprenticeship of Don Humberto Soncco Quispe,
High Priest of the Q’eros of Peru & Wiraqocha Foundation

Hawaiian Healing Arts: Kumu Haunani Hopkins, Mapuna Wai Ola Lomilomi

Certified Wellness Educator & Functional Medicine Coach: Jacksonville Health and Wellness Center

Licensed Massage Therapist & Somatic Therapist: Healthbuilders School of Therapeutic Healing



Taught Spiritual Life Coaching Skills to Students: American School of Professional Life Coaching

Taught ‘The Art of Meditation’ Workshops: Jewish Community Alliance

Taught ‘Shakti Rising’ Workshops: Jacksonville Health and Wellness Center

Functional Medicine Coach, Certified Wellness Educator, Meditation Teacher, Energetic Healer, and Somatic Therapist/L.M.T: Jacksonville Health & Wellness Center

Supports Global Visionaries: Such as Lyla June, Internationally acclaimed performer, speaker and environmental activist, to potentize her message and give her gifts to the world.

Guided Meditations Featured On: The Meditation App Prana Heart.

A deep bow of gratitude in honor of my Ancestors and of Women, ancient and modern,
who have carried forth the wisdom of the Divine Feminine.
My work is o
ffered in dedication to healing the Womb Waters of Mother Earth,
and to healing the Wombs of Women worldwide.


I began to cultivate a relationship with my womb as a pathway for healing the wounds of childhood sexual abuse.  While going through my personal womb healing, I began to transform in ways that were tangible to myself and to others around me. Experiencing this positive shift in my overall state of being is what inspired me to support women to catalyze healing and transformation in their own lives. I have been learning the arts and skills of feminine restoration for over a decade.


I am here to remind Women that they carry an Altar of Life within their Wombs,
and to Empower them Spiritually and Energetically to Embody that Knowing.

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© 2018 Lisa Love