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‘Awaken To The Light That You Are’
A FREE Teaching Transmission and Guided Meditation

Lisa guides you in this video to bring heart and mind into resonant union to create an opening to access the inner dimensions of your Soul. Learn about cultivating an open heart and calming the mind so that the wisdom of the Soul can shine though.


‘Cultivate the Energy of Abundance’
FREE Guided Meditation

This meditation supports you to open your awareness to the infinite abundance of life that is all around you and then guides you into reclaiming your creative power.

‘Attune To Your Soul Essence
A FREE Guided Meditation COMING SOON

In this meditation you will be guided to bring peace and stillness to the forces of mind, body, and emotions in order to fully attune to the true nature of your Soul. 

There is a morning inside of you

waiting to burst open into light


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