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‘Awaken To The Light That You Are’
A FREE Transmission and Guided Meditation

Lisa guides you in this video to bring heart and mind into resonant union to create a gateway to access the inner dimensions of your Soul. Learn how to cultivate an open heart and calm the mind, so that the wisdom of your Soul can shine though.

‘Your Breath is a Gateway to Bliss
A FREE Guided Meditation

In this guided meditation you will be guided through the gateway of the breath into the transcendence of your Soul. It is your right to shine as the radiant being of light that you are. Light is the truth of who you are as a Soul.

‘A Moontime Meditation’
A FREE Guided Meditation

Awaken to the sacredness of your moontime.

In this healing meditation you will journey into your womb to release any unsettled emotions and be guided into a state of peaceful tranquility.


‘Cultivate the Energy of Abundance’
FREE Guided Meditation

Replenish your Soul’s essence with the abundance of life that surrounds you and be filled by the life giving energy that nature provides.

This meditation guides you to cultivate your inner energy of abundance and feel richly alive and full of vitality.

‘Soul Connection
A FREE Guided Meditation

In this meditation you will be guided to bring peace to the forces of mind, body, and emotions so that you can connect within to the genuine nature of your Soul. You will increase the radiance of your Soul’s light throughout your body and no longer be distracted by mind and emotions.

Being centered from the depths of your Soul becomes the gravity force for magic to happen. Your destiny will have a place to find you. This meditation guides the way.

Ignite your Soul Fire &
Awaken to your Radiance

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