~ Soul Alchemy Sessions ~

This Alchemical Healing Process takes you on a Journey
through the Gateways of your Soul
  Initiates a Path of Spiritual Evolution


We will tend to the Medicine Wheel of Self,
and Harmonize the Five Elements of your Soul Nature.
Fire of Mind
Earth of Body
Water of Emotion
Air of Spirit
Ether of Soul


Soul Alchemy Sessions guide you to come back to the Center,
to live in Sacred Balance with your Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.

The Heart is the center point that unites Spirit and Soul.
When the Heart is healed and feels safe to open,
Spirit and Soul can flow freely through your Being.
Their Alchemical union Awakens the Spiritual Heart. 


It is for this reason that we,
Reestablish your Connection with the Intelligence of your Heart.

Repattern your Hearts Electromagnetic Field with Healing Transmissions.


The Medicine is Love.
It Activates the Spiritual Heart.

Just as the Light is not separate from the Sun,
and the Wave is not separate from the Ocean,
so shall we Realize,
our Connection to the Sacred Source of Life,
as One vast Ocean of Love and Light.

~ Activate the Alchemy of your Soul ~

Your current needs determine which Pathways we use during your session.
We will Clarify and Create your session to Manifest your Highest Intentions.

+ Spiritual Life Coaching +

Cultivate your Spiritual Energy with tools of Conscious Awakening.
Return to your Center and find your Wisdom Within.

Mindfulness Centered . Somatic Based . Evolutionary


+ The Neurodharma of Love +

Liberate and Illuminate your Heart with the Alchemy of Love.
We use
Heartmath Science & Spiritual Wisdom,
to reestablish your Hearts coherence.
This brings your Mind, Body, and Emotions into Alignment and Balance.

Build Resiliency . Reduce Stress . Increase Vitality


+ Channeled Transmissions & Energy Healing +

By working directly with the energy field, one can access healing at the core root.
Sessions will bring your energy field into balance and increase wellbeing.
You will be aligned with Divine Source Energy to bring Illumination to your life.
Receive Chakra clearing for Soul Embodiment and,
Quantum Soul level activations to liberate you from limitations.

Restore Harmony . Feel Peace . Raise your Vibration


+ Offered Via +

Zoom Video
Phone Call
In Person: Crestone, CO


+ 90 Minutes +


+ Session Exchange +

Accessible pricing is part of our Heart Centered offering.
Please choose what you can afford for the value of this work.



Lisa instinctively knew what my soul needed for the healing of a deeply seated loss.
Her presence is loving, calming, accepting, and open.
She prepared a safe place for me to reach inside my pain, feel into what needed to be released,
and then skillfully guided me through the process of letting go and coming back into my center. ”

~Dottie Hirvela, Life-Cycle Celebrant

“My time with Lisa was brought on during my healing crisis in 2016. I was experiencing shutdown, spiritual turmoil, emotional fear, and energetic disharmony. I never felt connected to any healer I had met, until I started working with Lisa.
Her character, energy, and way of being is what built my respect for what she does.
I enjoyed her engagement, presence, and ability to give me complete perspectives that are truly for MY highest good.
She supplied truths not limited to a single
perspective but of a more natural,
all inclusive way of seeing into the issue,
as a teaching device and the solution.
She is here to help remind us all of our power and our home. She is who reminded me of who I am and what I am here for.”

~Nicolas Cohen, Entrepreneur


Alchemical Healing Transmissions to Catalyze Core Level Transformation

Lisa holds sacred space for you during sessions.
She offers channeled transmissions of healing energy,
and guidance that is vibrationally attuned to you.

She clears your energetic field and re-establishes your hearts coherence,
by harmonizing it with the vibrational frequency of Love.

Lisa has been an energetic healer and channel for over two decades.

Raise your Vibration & Increase your Light
With this Radiant Soul Meditation Video

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