Feminine Regeneration is a Path to Emobodied Awakening through the Regenerative Power of the Womb

Your womb is the heart of your feminine temple and gateway to your Soul.


It is a sacred space of transformation and a potent source of restorative fuel for you.


Your womb is an alchemical mystery that births spirit into matter.


Dissolve into the depths of your womb and deepen into the mystery that is you.


Regenerate from within.

Are You Ready to Awaken to the Alchemical Potency of Your Womb?

How the womb regenerates herself monthly, holds keys to the powers of your own regenerative nature in your personal and spiritual life. When you flow with your womb as she undergoes her monthly spiral of regeneration, she connects you to the greater spiral of the sacred mystery of life. All spirals are interconnected – the spiral of our sun around the milky way galaxy, the spiral of earth on her axis, the spiral of the moon around earth, and the spiral of your feminine cycle around the moon. Your womb is an alchemical vessel of wholeness that is connected to the whole cosmos, the whole of the creation of life itself. When you surrender into this deep well of potent feminine energy, it serves as a gateway that connects you deeply within, to the depths of your Soul. 


Feminine Regeneration offers a feminine approach to spiritual awakening. You will cultivate the depths of your sacred fired and engage in spiritual practices that are female-centric. Feminine Regeneration activates women to embody the sacred feminine principle that is alive within them and inspires them to live fully from that knowing. This creates a woman who is sovereign within herself, knowing her power, grounded in her roots and deeply nourished from within. Feminine Regeneration holds a supportive structure that creates a safe space for you to shed, grow anew, and emerge more radiant then before. It is time for women to remember that their wombs are a direct link to the sacred mysteries of the Universe. When we reclaim this knowing and live from this truth, we heal, we rise and we give life to ourselves and everyone around us. 

In Our Time Together You Will


Find the gifts held within the wounds of the womb.


Deepen into embodiment through feminine spiritual practice.


Develop emotional resilience


Attune to the oracular nature of the womb.


Experience a deep restoration of wholeness.  


~Transformation Occurs on a Cellular Level Within the Sacred Alchemy of the Womb~

The Valley Spirit never dies
It is named the Mysterious Female.
And the doorway of the Mysterious Female
Is the base from which Heaven and Earth sprang.
It is there within us all the while.
Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.


 ~Tao Te Ching, Chapter VI,
Translated by Arthur Waley

The Feminine Regeneration Flow

Sessions are an intimate opportunity to deepen into your full feminine being- womb, heart, and soul. You will be realigned with the creative power of your womb to awaken, embody, and express your unique feminine current. Together we tend the sacred garden of your womb to release what no longer serves and to give nourishment to the roots of the ground of your feminine being.


Age does not matter when you connect with the womb. The gift that all women have, whether they are in their bleeding years or not, or have their female organs or not, is the regenerative power of the womb space. The secret to your vitality is to marinate within your own nourishing life force energy. This is for you if you feel ready for a deep cellular and spiritual transformation.



Each Session Includes


+ A Feminine Regeneration Coaching Session to Catalyze Core Level Healing.


+ A Guided Feminine Spiritual Practice and/or Shamanic Womb Journey that Guides You into a Real, Living Connection with the Truth of Your Womb.


Tools to Support your Continued Integration and Transformation.

The Session Invitation


+ Offered via Skype, Phone or In Person.


+ 1.5 Hours in Duration.


+ Session Exchange: $120
(If this exchange limits your ability to experience Feminine Regeneration,
 Contact Me to Apply for a Sliding Scale)


Session Bundles Are Available. Inquire Here.


+ Unsure if this is Right For You? Schedule a FREE Exploration Call to Find Out.

You Will Rise

What I am offering you is a way to break free and be liberated from the pain of the past and the anxiety of the future. Feminine Regeneration was born out of my own deep need for transformation and emotional peace. I have been there and back again. Sexually abused as a child, I felt like there was no way out of the pain I was in. I felt broken beyond repair when every healing therapy I tried never got to the core root of the issue. I knew in my soul that there had to be a way out of the struggle. I was determined to find lasting resolution, experience complete integration and feel the joy of liberation.

What actually shifted everything for me was when I began to do feminine energy healing practices and cultivated a relationship with the sacredness my womb. I noticed a tangible shift in my overall state of being. The more I attuned to the potency and wisdom of my womb, the less the effects of sexual trauma had a hold on me. Over a decade has passed since my womb journey began and I am now in a place of feeling truly liberated from the pain of the past and more empowered then I have ever been. I share this as a message of hope. If I can get to this place then absolutely so will you!

I become your ally and guide on the path of awakening to the alchemical potency of your womb. Your womb is the seat of your power and the grounded throne of your embodiment. Your womb is what will love you back into wholeness and encourage you to rise up with fertile life. You will reclaim your feminine seat of potency and rise illuminated like the shining moon.

The Invitation Is Open


* Awaken Your Sense of Aliveness


* Embody & Express Your Wild Feminine Beauty


* Experience Womb Rituals & Lush Feminine Healing Practices


* Melt Open Layers of Fear & Deepen Into Your Hearts Warmth & Radiance


* Cultivate Your Spiritual Potency

 Join the Nectar Collective & Nourish Your Feminine Essence

Be A Part of the Feminine Regeneration Online Sisterhood

“I’m very glad I found Lisa. She came into my life at a time when I needed deep emotional understanding, comfort and guidance. She’s very knowledgeable and was able to help me understand my experience from a deeper place. She comforted my chaotic emotions and guided me deeper into my own self. Lisa works with awareness and energy in a way that is incredibly helpful and feels deeply therapeutic.”
Khatera Sahak

“I worked with Lisa for feminine energy healing and meditation. She guided me every step of the way to go deeper into my own feminine aspect, which I had forgotten for a long time. I felt so calm during the healing meditation. Her voice was so sweet that I was able to deeply relax and let myself go into a meditative state. She taught me how to work on my own everyday to heal myself from within. I’ve been working with the practices she taught me and I feel that I am much more confident as a woman and I finally feel worthy of love. Lisa really understood me and sincerely cared for me. This made me feel that I can really trust her and share my deepest fear and the pain in my heart. I have never felt a spiritual practitioner care so much about me until I met Lisa. I also trust her methods because of how she lives her own life and how happy she is. This is another example that what she is teaching is very genuine and it works. I am much happier and healthier after working with her. She is a true example of a beautiful woman and a trustworthy, competent and wonderful coach. Thank you so very much Lisa!”

Keiko Angel

Like a winding river that needs the solid banks of shore to give it’s graceful flow,
Women need the grounded shore of themselves to be able to fully
Embody and Express their Unique Feminine Current.

© 2018 Lisa Love