Cultivating Connection

between the

Heart of your Soul

& the Heart of Nature

Deepen your Connection

with the Heart of your Soul & the Heart of Nature.

Nature is the Master Healer.

Your Heart has all the Love & Wisdom you will ever need.


Your Heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field of the body.

This field becomes more vibrant and alive,

as consciousness shifts from the brain to the Heart.

When the Heart is entrained to the wave-form of the brain,

rather than vice versa,

the Heart begins to lose coherence,

and it’s elegance of function.


When the electromagnetic coherence of the Heart is reestablished,

and consciousness is centered within the Heart,

people experience less anxiety and depression,

and their physiological function becomes more healthy overall.


The Earth herself is a living organism that produces

electromagnetic fields filled with information.

We are affected by the information encoded in these fields,

just by living on Earth.


Circadian rhythms are our harmonization,

to the electromagnetic fluctuations,

that Earth goes through as she rotates through space.


The Heart is an organ of perception and communication,

that weaves us into the web of life on Earth,

so we can gather wisdom from the Heart of Earth,

and from the Heart of our Soul,

to help us live a healthy and fulfilled life.

All Healing

is first

a Healing of the Heart

Lisa Love 

Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath Practitioner,
Certified Master Level Spiritual Life Coach,
Somatic Therapist,
Energy Medicine Practitioner,
Nature-Based Practitioner,
who specializes in Feminine Energy.

You are innately Wise and Powerful.
I simply create the space for you to
Awaken to the Love and Wisdom of your true Nature.


Nourish and Restore your Feminine Energy through the Regenerative Powers
of your Womb




Liberate & Illuminate your Heart
with the Medicine of Love

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