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Soul Nature serves as a catalyst for spiritual evolution by supporting your journey of personal growth and transformation.
We are centered in the knowing that the Soul is a wise evolutionary force that when aligned with has the power to radically transform and light up our lives.
Soul Nature guides you within to your unique soul intelligence and teaches you to alchemize your lead into spiritual gold. 


To actualize the embodiment of your Soul we focus on the health and alignment of your mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
These aspects of yourself are the gateways to your Soul.

We use tools of conscious growth
 to support self-integration.
We let go the of self judgment and awaken to the love and wisdom of the Soul.
We return too and reconcile with your innate wholeness.

This is an Invitation to Awaken to the True Nature of Your Soul. 

Soul Journey Sessions

Evolve beyond spiritual concepts and awaken to the true nature of your Soul. These sessions are an enlightening blend of modern tools for conscious growth and ancient wisdom for waking up in your daily life. We will unify fragmented aspects of self and bring you into Soul Alignment.  We will use the alchemy of awareness to go on a journey of self discovery
and initiate a path of Soul-level liberation.

Soul Medicine Sessions

Nature is a sanctuary, an awakener, a renewer of spirit, and a speaker of truth. Nature is imbued with a potent healing power that is ever present. You can not go into Nature and return unchanged. These sessions will guide you to connect with Nature in a way that promotes insight and activates transformation. We will work with the healing energies of Nature, so that you can receive medicine for your Soul. 

Feminine Regeneration Sessions

These sessions are uniquely designed for women to cultivate the internal resources necessary to regenerate their vital feminine energy,
so that they can experience living a life full of
passion, pleasure and purpose.
This is a path of feminine empowerment,
and embodied awakening,
through the regenerative power of the womb. 

There is a morning inside of you

waiting to burst open into light


Ignite Your Soul Fire

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