Awaken To Your Inner Light


You are the sacred elixir that you seek.

All that you yearn for is right there inside of you,

just waiting for you to return home.


Soul Nature serves as a catalyst for spiritual evolution by supporting your journey of personal growth and transformation. We are passionate about awakening to the true nature of the Soul and deepening into it’s light. You will be guided to live fully from the core essence of your Soul to embody your pure potential. 


Soul Nature offers a Transpersonal Coaching style that supports you to deepen into your innate wholeness. We focus on your evolutionary spiritual growth and actualizing the embodiment of your Soul. Transpersonal means ‘beyond the self’ and is based on the knowing that there is a Soul-center that is awake and vitally alive within each of us. When we are truly living from the essence of Soul life transforms in meaningful and valuable ways.


The integral practices of Transpersonal Coaching are Reflective Self-Inquiry, Meditation, Guided Visualization, and Spiritual Practice. These tools of conscious growth will support you to facilitate self-integration, inner stabilization and an awakened consciousness. They bring a profound personal transformation that leads to harmonious connections within your relationship to Self, Other, the Earth, and the Universe. This is an invitation to awaken to the true nature of your Soul.


Soul Nature provides Private Sessions, Online Courses, and Live Events Globally.

Soul Journey

Evolve beyond spiritual concepts and awaken to the true nature of your Soul. You will go on an alchemical journey to transmute and transform the limiting patterns of self so that you are liberated and open to follow the evolutionary impulse that is guiding you forward
to meet your destiny in life.

Soul Medicine Sessions

 A harmonized blend of Nature-Based Soulwork, Shamanic Healing, and Shinrin-yoku, “the medicine of simply being in the forest.” You will be invited to connect with nature in a way that promotes insight and instills reflection. You will cultivate a living root that anchors you into the wellspring of healing energy that nature provides. This will enliven you and awaken you to the deeper dimensions of you Soul. 

Feminine Regeneration

A path to embodied awakening through the regenerative power of the womb.
This process is uniquely designed for women to cultivate the internal resources necessary to regenerate their vital feminine energy so that they can experience living life with passion, pleasure and purpose.

There is a morning inside of you

waiting to burst open into light


Soul Nature offers Online Courses that initiate transformation, expansive soul growth, and evolutionary change.

Ignite your Soul Fire &
Awaken to your Radiance

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