Spiritual Evolution


Soul Embodiment

Soul Alchemy Sessions

Sessions are an enlightening blend of
Spiritual Life Coaching,
Quantum Energy Healing
and Channeled Guidance.
This is an Alchemical Healing Process
that involves mind, body, emotions, and spirit.
You will Activate a path of Spiritual Evolution.

Soul Medicine Sessions

A ceremonial space is created for you
so that you can
transform trauma into Soul power.
We will call home Soul fragments and
journey on pathways that lead to Soul Embodiment.

Feminine Regeneration Sessions

Sessions are uniquely designed for women
to cultivate the internal resources necessary,
to regenerate their vital Feminine Energy.
This is a path of Feminine Healing & Empowerment,
through the Regenerative Powers of the Womb. 

Spirit and Soul have their own unique pathways we follow in order to actualize them and make them present in our lives. They are distinctly different, yet complementary. Either alone is incomplete. Together they form the whole of your being. We must fully integrate both of these qualities of Spirit and Soul within us. 

The realm of Spirit ascends us upward toward the light of the Great Divine Mystery that both transcends all things and is immanent in all things.
Spirit assists us in cultivating inner peace, to be fully present in the moment, and at one with all of Creation.


The realm of Soul leads toward what is most wild and natural within us. Soul asks us to embody our core powers, gifts, and wisdom.
On this half of the spiritual journey, we do not rise toward the heavens, but dive into the heart of our longing,
and follow the call of the Soul.


The heart is the center point that unites Spirit and Soul.
The heart must be opened and activated to allow both Spirit and Soul to flow freely through.
For this reason, we focus on reestablishing your hearts coherence with the vibration of love.
We repattern your hearts electromagnetic field with healing transmissions and heart activations.


This process activates the alchemical union of Spirit and Soul
within the sacred chamber of your heart. 


Align with Source

Attune to Soul

Activate into Life

                    Greetings Beautiful Being

I am Lisa Love – Master Level Spiritual Life Coach, Energetic Healer, Channel, Somatic Therapist, and Healer of the Feminine.
I serve as a spiritual guide for embodying the unlimited potential and abundant resources of your Soul.

I clear the energetic pathways and karmic templates that are held deep within the mental, physical, emotional,
and energetic systems of your being.

You will receive quantum level Soul Activations that liberate you from limitations,
so that you can embody the true nature of your Soul.

Radiate your Soul’s Light

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