Coaching Toward the Soul

You are the sacred elixir that you seek.

All that you yearn for is right there inside of you,

just waiting for you to return home.


Soul Nature serves to ignite the fire of your soul and support you through the journey of personal growth and transformation. Each coaching session is uniquely tailored to you and provides a synergistic experience to awaken you to the brilliance of your soul. We are passionate about awakening to the true nature of the Soul and deepening into it’s light. 

Soul Nature offers a Transpersonal Coaching style which means that we explore physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourself to deepen your connection with your soul essence and vision. Together we will co-create fertile, rich soil so that your soul’s essential nature is nourished, sparks to life and comes to full bloom.

Soul Nature provides private coaching, online courses, and workshops world-wide.

Soul Journey

During this alchemical coaching program you will journey through the 4 gateways of the Soul. These being your mind, body, emotions, and spirit. We will clear away blocks and open pathways so that you can embody your soul and follow the evolutionary impulse that is pulling you forward to meet your destiny in life.

Feminine Regeneration

This coaching process is uniquely designed for women to develop the internal resources necessary to regenerate their vital feminine energy so that they can experience living life with passion, pleasure and purpose.

Soul Medicine Sessions

 These sessions are a harmonized blend of Shamanic Healing and Nature-Connected Coaching which creates a space for you to receive the medicine of your Soul. Learn how to connect with what is alive within you and be nourished by the healing energies of nature. 

I am Lisa, creatress of Soul Nature.
I am so happy that you are here.

I believe life is truly in support of your evolution and you were led here because you are ready to be inspired to expand beyond your current limitations. I am here to guide you back toward the heart of your own Soul so that you can discover your innate brilliance living within. I support you to discover the magic and meaning within the challenges you may be experiencing. You will rise above your limited beliefs and expand into your infinite potential.


Make yourself comfortable…………………stay awhile……………………all of you is welcome here.

Ignite your Soul Fire &
Awaken to your Radiance

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