Soulful Sundays

Gather in Circle and Connect with Community

We shake off the week and drop into somatic practices that invite the intelligence of your body to reveal its deepest needs and insight. 

We tend to the Heart to reestablish coherence and come to center.


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Birthing New Earth

Creating Sustainable Structures for the Next Seven Generations

June 22nd – 26th, 2020

We have never been at a tipping point of this kind in human history.
This is NOT a time to panic.
This is a time to RISE and SHINE.
We have a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to create
Both on a personal and global level.


It is time to courageously lay down the new grids of a
brighter and sustainable future for all beings on this planet.
It is time now to GROUND A NEW VISION that can SERVE


Birthing New Earth

Join us as we dive deep into ANCIENT WISDOM,
that can help us navigate through this tumultuous time.

We will harness the insight of those who have gone the distance to get solid answers,
so that we can be SUPPORTED and UPLIFTED at this moment in time.

As we journey through these difficult times,
it is helpful to gather in circle with like-minded individuals,
to be INSPIRED and EMPOWERED to create sustainable change.


You’ll hear from over 25 thought leaders, shamans, teachers, healers,
wisdom-keepers, and scientists, including myself,
who are presenting paradigm-shifting wisdom and inspiration for you.


Receive practical tools you can begin using right now,

Let us all begin to VISION A NEW FUTURE


Be the Change You Want to See.
Get Practical Tools to Shift the Trajectory of the Planet!


* Birthing New Earth is FREE to All who Register *

~ This Global Event Airs from June 22nd – 26th, 2020 ~

The Light Initiation

Elevate Your Frequency ~ Access Your Divine Gifts ~ Master Multi-Dimensional Being

June 1st, 2020

I am inviting you to join me in this Sacred Online Transformational Experience.

You deserve a life filled with pure joy, deep fulfillment and divine remembrance.

The Light Initiation will guide you through a sacred initiation of your gifts and talents.

Your unique soul codes and abilities are waiting to be fully activated.

This online immersion will support you to master your multi-dimensional awareness and activate your divine potential.


My unique offering for this event is the “Luminous Light Body Activation.”

I will guide you on a journey into the higher dimensions of cosmic light,
and then activate your energetic body to hold an enduring Luminous state of being.


The Light Initiations Are FREE and Contain: 

  • Vibrational Upgrades
  • Direct Access to Higher Frequencies, Beings of Light and Soul Alignment
  • Instant Decoding and Activating of your Souls DNA
  • Activating Your Souls Wealth Codes
  • Divine Wisdom Channelings
  • Soul Nourishing Meditations
  • Powerful Hypnotherapy
  • Leading Edge Teachings and Practical Tools


Register Now to Receive over 20 High Impact, Experiential Light Initiations.

The Great Womb Awakening

Ignite the Sacred Flame of Your Feminine Fire

March 23rd – 27th, 2020

“The information and tools necessary to make the radical shift needed on this planet, in a very short period of time,
are housed within the wombs of the women of this age.
You have the ability to heal your planet and save your world.
It’s up to you.”
~ Mary Magdalene ~


In these turbulent and evolutionary times,
lets rise together to ignite our feminine potency,
and create global change.

The time is now dear heart.
I know you can feel it.
We need that special spark that only YOU can bring.

I invite you to join me as I share about the Feminine Powers of Regeneration,
within a sacred circle of women,
who are also teaching about the Great Feminine Mysteries.

Your female body is the greatest shamanic tool on the planet.
Now is the time to embody this truth.

We would love for you to embark on this journey with us.


The Great Womb Awakening

This event has been designed to bring you . . .

Practical tools to access the wisdom held within your female body,

Teachings on how to access your own powers of feminine regeneration,

and an experience of your own Great Womb Awakening.


Ignite the Sacred Flame of Your Feminine Fire

The Great Womb Awakening is FREE to All who Register.

This Global Event Airs from March 23rd – 27th, 2020

Collaborations with Spirit:

21 Channeled Messages to Activate Your Energy System
Create From Divine Flow

August 19 – September 19, 2019

Join us for this powerful series of channeled messages and conversations with wayshowers, mystics, energy intuitives, channels, and visionary artists who have developed and downloaded their life’s mission by tuning into their divine connection to Spirit. You will get accessible tools, practical advice and brilliant Spirit guided messages for how to activate your energy system, create from divine flow, and fully trust Spirit.

Collaborations With Spirit will Support You With:

  • How to recognize that your higher guidance is connecting with you all the time.
  • How to lead a Heart-Centered life.
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs and tune-in to your highest available light frequency.
  • Practical tools for aligning, and activating your energy system to hold the light.
  • Experiential downloads that will jump start your soul’s blueprint and have you connecting to your mission in minutes.
  • Living an inspired life of Love, Trust, Surrender, Joy, Abundance and Freedom.
  • One critical key for working in the Divine Feminine energies to support your creative process.
  • And so much more…

Collaborations With Spirit begins August 19th, and you can listen in from anywhere! We have come together for this Global Movement to support you in living your most aligned, spiritually inspired, empowered life and getting clear on what Spirit and your higher self are asking of you in order to make major moves into the next level on your soul’s journey.

Feminine Emergence: The Power of Women to Activate Our Collective Evolution

September 24 – October 2, 2018


Do you dream of changing the world?

Are you ready to step up and claim your power to create a better future for all beings here on planet Earth?

If you are, then I would like to invite you to a FREE online speaker series where I’ll be one of 18 visionary women who will guide you in discovering your power to heal your world and activate our collective evolution.

Join us for the FEMININE EMERGENCE: THE POWER OF WOMEN TO ACTIVATE OUR COLLECTIVE EVOLUTION, and it airs from September 24 – October 2, 2018.

This powerful 9-day event is designed to activate your healing and awaken your inspiration!

You’ll receive wisdom and encouragement, along with practical and profound teachings, tools, and techniques to support you on all levels of your healing journey.

You are invited to join the thousands of heart-centered humans from all across the globe who are coming together for this once-in-a-lifetime event!

The Radiant Heart Series

Lisa is happy to announce her participation in the the upcoming webinar, “The Radiant Heart Series.” She is teaching alongside other spiritual luminaries such as, Doreen Virtue, Lincoln Gergar, and Ronna Herman Vezane.

The Radiant Heart Series was designed to create a global spiritual community that could bring about an awakening and positive change for body-mind-soul. We offer virtual events that are inspiring and soul stirring.

Lisa’s offering for the webinar is, “Awaken To The Light That You Are.” You will be guided in the meditation to bring heart and mind into resonant union to create an opening to access the inner dimensions of your Soul. Learn about cultivating an open heart and calming the mind so that the wisdom of the Soul can shine though.


September 16, 2017
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