Explore various meditation styles such as, Concentration, Mindfulness, Reflective, Creative, and Heart Centered. Relax the layers of the conditioned mind and awaken to the sky like nature of your full being. 

This course

  • a beginner’s how to.
  • Alleviate stress and anxiety – discover balance and inner peace.
  • Demystify meditation.

You Will Learn

  • Techniques
  • Benefits

Course Overview

Module 1: Concentration Style Meditation

  • Audio Recording: Module 1 Teaching
  • Concentration Meditation Practice: The Focused Mind 

Module 2: Mindfulness Style Meditation

  • Audio Recording: Module 2 Teaching
  • Mindfulness Meditation Practice: The Presence of Mind

Module 3: Reflective Style Meditation

  • Audio Recording: Module 3 Teaching
  • Reflective Meditation Practice: The Inquiring Mind

Module 4: Creative Style Meditation

  • Audio Recording: Module 4 Teaching
  • Creative Meditation Practice: The Transformative Mind

Module 5: Heart-Centered Style Meditation

  • Audio Recording: Module 5 Teaching
  • Heart-Centered Meditation Practice: The Mind of Loving-Kindness

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.” 

~Albert Einstein

Like a winding river,
that needs the solid banks of shore
to give it’s graceful flow~


Women need the grounded shore of themselves
to be able to fully
Embody and Express
their unique Feminine Current~

Activate Your Feminine Energy,
Ignite Your Feminine Fire

Journey Into Sacred Bliss

There is a morning inside of you

waiting to burst open into light


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© 2018 Lisa Love