Aloha, I am Lisa Love.

A Master Level Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner,
Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Therapist, Traditional Indigenous Healer,
who specializes in Feminine Energy.

I am an Alchemist who Activates you to turn your lead into Gold.

I am grounded in the knowing that healing and transformation happen when we engage and integrate
all layers of Self; mind, body, emotions, spirit, and energy.

I offer a multi-dimensional healing environment that touches upon
each layer of Self, to bring peace. liberation, and wholeness to your entire being.

My heart centered work supports you to awaken to
the love and wisdom of your true nature.

Trauma Sensitive HeartMath™ Certified Practitioner: HeartMath Institute

Certified Master Level Spiritual Life Coach:  American School of Professional Life Coaching

Certified Her Mystery School Initiate: Her Mystery School

Womb Keeper of the 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki: Marcela Lobos

Energetic Medicine Practitioner : Divinity Healing Center: Energy Healing Training
Taught by Laurence Layne
Taught by Vianna Stibal: Theta Healing

Paqo Healer:
Direct apprenticeship of Don Humberto Soncco Quispe; High Priest of the Q’eros of Peru.

Wiraqocha Foundation: Paqo Initiation

Traditional Hawaiian Healing Arts: Kumu Haunani Hopkins, Mapuna Wai Ola Lomilomi

Certified Wellness Educator & Functional Medicine Coach: Jacksonville Health and Wellness Center

Licensed Massage Therapist & Somatic Therapist: Health-builders School of Therapeutic Healing

YouTube Soul-Nature

© 2018 Lisa Love