Spiritually Ignited

Heart Centered

Soulfully Rooted

Soul Nature is rooted in the knowing that profound healing and transformation
emerge from both the ascent towards spiritual enlightenment,
and the descent into the body to manifest soul embodiment.
This harmonious union activates the blossoming of your highest potential.


Our offerings are infused with soul-inspired wisdom, practical practices,
generous resources, and expert guidance,
all aimed at igniting your evolution.


Soul Nature supports you in cultivating the Infinite Potential of your Spirit,
and accessing the Abundant Resources of your Soul,
through the Transformative Medicine of Love.


We Apply the Principles of Alchemy

We Tend the Sacred Fire within You

We Heal with the Medicine of Love


I am Lisa Love.
A Master Level Spiritual Life Coach, Energy Medicine Practitioner,
Trauma-Sensitive Somatic Therapist, Traditional Indigenous Healer,
who specializes in Feminine Energy.

You are innately Wise and Powerful.
I simply create the Sacred space for you to
Awaken to the Love and Wisdom of your true Nature.

Align your Spirit

Embody your Soul

Activate your Evolution

Spirit and Soul have their own unique pathways we follow in order to actualize them and make them present in our lives.
They are distinctly different, yet complementary.
Either alone is incomplete.
Together they form the whole of your Being.


The realm of Spirit ascends us upward toward the light of the Great Divine Mystery that both transcends all things and is immanent in all things.
Spirit assists us in cultivating Inner Peace, to be Fully Present in the Moment, and at One with all of Creation.


The realm of Soul leads toward what is most Wild and Natural within us.
Soul asks us to Embody our Core Powers, Gifts, and Wisdom.
On this half of the Spiritual Journey, we do not rise toward the Heavens,
but Dive into the Heart of our Longing,
Integrate our Shadow,
and Follow the Call of the Soul.


The Heart is the center point that unites Spirit and Soul.
When the Heart is healed and feels safe to open,
Spirit and Soul can flow freely through your Being.
Their Alchemical union Awakens your Spiritual Heart.
All Healing is first a Healing of the Heart.


Your Heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field of the body.
This field becomes more Vibrant and Alive,
as consciousness shifts from the brain to the Heart.


When the Heart is entrained to the wave-forms of the brain,
the Heart begins to lose coherence,
and its elegance of function.


When the Electromagnetic Coherence of the Heart is Reestablished,
and Consciousness is Centered within the Heart,
people experience less anxiety and depression,
and their physiological function becomes more healthy overall.


The Heart is an organ of perception and communication,
that weaves us into the web of life on Earth,
so we can gather wisdom from the Heart of the World,
and from the Heart of our Soul,
to help us live a Healthy, Whole and Fulfilled Life.

All Healing

is first

a Healing of the Heart

Feminine Regeneration Sessions

Sessions are uniquely designed for Women
to Cultivate the Internal Resources necessary,
to Regenerate their Vital Feminine Energy.
This is a path of Feminine Healing & Empowerment,
through the Regenerative Powers of the Womb.

Soul Medicine Sessions

Sessions support you to Embody
the true Nature of your Soul.
We transform trauma into Soul Gifts with
Soul Embodiment Practices, Soul Medicine Journeys,
and Elemental Alchemical Healing.

Soul Alchemy Sessions

Sessions are an Enlightening blend of
Spiritual Life Coaching, Energy Healing,
and Channeled Transmissions.
This is a Heart-Centered Alchemical Process,
that harmonizes Mind, Body, Emotions, and Spirit.

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