A Three Part Series To Awaken You To The Spiritual Potency Of Your Womb

Shakti is the creative, feminine energy of the Universe. When you are full of Shakti you have energy to engage with life in meaningful ways, you feel good in your own skin, and you are vibrantly alive with a luminous inner and outer glow. Shakti is the fuel that powers your spiritual growth and the awakening of your consciousness. Many women are living disconnected from the wellspring of life giving energy that flowing Shakti provides. This three part course series will support you to
awaken, embody, and express your unique Shakti current.

Shakti Rising is for a New Generation of Women Who are Ready to Embody their Feminine Energy & Cultivate their Sacred Potency

Shakti Rising is for Women of All Ages and Phases of their Lives. 
If are menstruating or no longer menstruating – if you still have your female organs or have them no longer – if you are new to the ways of the womb or are already intimately connected to her – all of the beautifully unique facets of woman are welcome here. 


Shakti Rising Provides a Clear Pathway that Guides You into Awakening the Spiritual Potency of Your Womb. 
This 3 part series is intended to be journeyed through in progressive order. Each course series builds upon the last. To receive the most benefit from what Shakti Rising has to offer, it is optimal to take this path. For those of you who want a different approach, there is an option to take the specific course series of your desire, whenever that particular series begins.


Each Week of the Series Will Consist of A New
Teaching Transmission & Guided Womb Journey.
Embodiment Practice & Live Video Gathering.


You Will Also Receive
Membership in our Private Sisterhood Circle.
One Personal Session with Lisa.


Shakti Rising Series 1

Return Home to Yourself. Embody your Feminine Energy.
Receive Deep Nourishment from Within.

In this first part of the Shakti Rising Series we spend time nourishing the roots of the ground of your feminine being and activating the pathways of Shakti that live within your body. Feminine Energy Activation will support you to intimately connect with the radiant power of your womb so that you can awaken and express the luminous glow of Shakti.

We will take time to explore the feminine energy system and how it flows through your body to bring you nourishment and rejuvenation. You will learn feminine spiritual practices and tools that will activate and harmonize your feminine energy. You will experience a deep, felt sense of personal embodiment. 






Shakti Flow

Week 1: Connect with your Feminine Energy System

Ground the waters of your womb and cultivate your feminine potency.


Week 2: Develop your Center of Gravity

Connect with the ground of your feminine being and align with your vertical axis within.


Week 3: Nourish your Feminine Energy

Drink deeply from the wellspring of Shakti and rejuvenate your essence.


Week 4: Activate your Feminine Energy

Journey through the gateways of Shakti and embody your feminine essence. 


Shakti Rising: Series 2

Light the Flame of Shakti in Your Womb.
Allow it to Purify You and Increase Your Radiance. 

In the second part of the Shakti Rising Series we will dive deep to clear away energies that weigh down your womb. From this clear space you will learn how to ignite the Shakti fire within your womb so that it can be a source of fuel for you in all aspects of your life. You will be supported to reclaim yourself from shame and surrender the grief you carry in your womb. You will learn how to cultivate and sustain the inner flame of Shakti within your womb and how to circulate this fire up into your heart and into your mind to connect and activate the pathways of Shakti.

Activating the Shakti energy circuit within your body will increase your ability to manifest your visions into the world and become empowered in your feminine essence. We light the alchemical fire of Shakti within your womb to purify any sexual shame, fear, or trauma. After this healing fire burns away and transmutes the past, it will then revitalize and regenerate your erotic innocence. When you are spiritually ignited from the inside out you tap into an unlimited source of creativity and passion and light up your World.



Shakti Flow

Week 1: Reclaim Yourself from Shame

With the loving light of awareness, witness the shame you carry in your womb and be liberated from the pain.


Week 2: Lighten Grief and Restore Your Sacred Center

Experience a grief ritual and restore your womb to wholeness.


Week 3: Cultivate the Fire in Your Belly

Lean how to cultivate your inner fire and ignite your core radiance.


Week 4: Awaken Your Erotic Innocence

Activate the 7 gateways of your yoni and re-birth yourself from within.


Shakti Rising: Series 3

Transform Yourself Within the Alchemy of the Womb and Journey into Sacred Bliss.

In the final part of the Shakti Rising Series you enter the vast mysteries of your womb and will experience your womb as a gateway to your Soul. You will learn how to develop your feminine intuition and oracular wisdom. You will ignite the spiritual potency of your womb and awaken into sacred bliss.

Experience all phases of your feminine nature, from flower, to fruit, and into the ripe fullness of illumination. By diving deep into the feminine blood mysteries you will potenize your essence. You will undergo a 13th Rite of the Womb Ceremony. This Ceremony marks and celebrates the completion of your initiation into the sacred pathways of Shakti. 






Shakti Flow

Week 1: The Flower of the Womb

Bring the blossoming flower of your womb to life and learn how to create a womb altar.


Week 2: The Fruit of the Womb

Attune to your womb as a gateway to your Soul and ignite your spiritual potency.  


Week 3: The Mysteries of the Womb

Learn about the feminine blood mysteries and experience a 13th Rite of the Womb Ceremony.


Week 4: Womb Illumination

Learn keys to activate and illuminate your womb.

The Shakti Rising Series was first offered through day long and weekend immersions. The women who attended these events loved the experience they had and spoke of all the benefits they received. Their joy is what inspired me to put these teachings into an online format so that many more women can benefit from Shakti Rising as well.

Join the Shakti Rising Sisterhood

Magic happens when women come together and unite within a collective field. We gracefully and instinctively nourish one another at our deepest core. We give each other the permission to be beautiful, be bold, and be fully expressed.

The Shakti Rising Sisterhood is a place where you come to receive of the nourishing nectar of sisters supporting sisters. Together we empower our feminine nature through sharing, witnessing, and supporting one another along the journey of life. This is an inclusive coming together of women from all spiritual paths.

We are a Heart-Centered Sisterhood. This is a Safe and Sacred, Sanctuary Space. We ask all here to hold this intention, so that each woman can fully surrender into diving deeper into the mystery that is her very own feminine spirit.

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