This is an Invitation to Honor your Moontime as a Sacred Ceremony

Temple of the Moon is a 4 Day Shamanic Womb Journey

+ Connect with the Sacred Potency of Menstruation


+ Heal Shame Around Bleeding


+ Experience Moon Time as a Source of Feminine Medicine for Yourself


+ Embrace the Wisdom of the Sacred Altar Within


 + Learn How to Offer your Blood to the Earth with Ceremony and Prayer

Receive 4 FREE Meditative Transmissions that guide you into your womb
to experience the wisdom living within.

It Is Time For Women to Reclaim the Sacred Purity of Menstruation and Return to Their Wombs

Your Womb Blood is the Medicine of Life.
You are the Flower of Life Blooming.
Your Moontime is Your Power and Your Gift.
It is Your Sacred Relationship with Yourself and with the Sacred Nature of the Creation of Life.

Temple of the Moon brings you into an empowered place of sacred attunement with your monthly bleeding.
By honoring the bleeding phase of your menstrual cycle you harmonize with a potent part of your feminine nature and increase your powers of regeneration.
Ancient cultures recognized and honored a woman’s bleeding time.
She was thought to be at the height of her spiritual power and was supported to go within and receive the guidance coming through her womb.
When you directly experience how deeply menstruation is connected with your spiritual energy,
it will open you up to new pathways for healing and living life in harmony with your deepest nature.


Learn how to be in harmony and acceptance with the bleeding phase of your cycle. 
Menstruation is where some women disconnect from their bodies and feel the most shame and pain about being a woman.
By disconnecting with your monthly bleeding, you are also disconnecting from your most intimate essence of being a woman and the rest of your life will reflect this.

By choosing to open yourself to the beauty of your bleeding time you are open to receive it’s precious gifts.
You will reclaim your lush and fertile feminine ground as a source of life giving energy.


The Temple of the Moon is your bleeding sanctuary retreat and personal red tent.
It’s your safe place to learn how to connect with and be nourished by the bleeding ceremony happening within your body.
The Temple space is supportive and deeply restorative to your entire feminine being.
Each meditative transmission is synchronized with the releasing and regenerating process that your womb is spiraling through while you are bleeding.


You carry an altar of life within your womb and this feminine medicine is an important part of the healing and restoration process for yourself. 
You will learn to harmonize with your Moon time as a Sacred Ritual to bring balance to the tender areas within.
The word ‘ritual’ comes from the Sanskrit word ‘rtu’ which means menstrual blood.
In Hawaiian culture the blood of the womb is believed to have a form of spiritual energy and contains healing power. 

By cultivating a connection with the spiritual energy of your moon time,
you embody the totality of your feminine power and potential,
you bring life to yourself and everyone around you.


Temple of the Moon is meant to be spiraled through indefinitely.
Please allow it’s meditative transmissions to nourish, align, and stabilize you during the bleeding phase of your cycle every month.
Your moon time is a cosmic event and aligns you with the Moon and her lunar cycles.
You are invited to return to the Temple of the Moon to stay connected with this lunar rhythm and your own feminine flow.
Temple doors are always open.

Temple of the Moon is offered freely in dedication to the healing of the Woman’s Nation.
May it bring life to all of the Wombs of the World. 

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© 2018 Lisa Love