“Choosing Lisa as my Life Coach and Mentor, has impacted my view of who I am, who I want to be, and how I’m going there in the most positive and uplifting way possible. Her holistic approach, true professionalism, and human understanding, is what initially connected me to her and now has allowed me to connect to myself and to others in a way that I desire to. I’m grateful for all I have learned about myself in her presence and looking forward to more. She is someone you can trust, and more importantly trusts in you. “

– Davina Rosenbaum. Certified Life Coach of SOHO Life Coaching

 “I am very grateful for the work that I’ve done with Lisa. It’s been pivotal in my healing journey of recovery from trauma and violation. It’s not often that I find someone who can go to the depths of where I go, and meet me there. Lisa has done that, and has been able to facilitate and hold space for me in a way that has been invaluable as I’m reclaiming my authentic self and life-force energy. My time with her has been a precious gift for which I will always be thankful. I can’t say enough about the gifts of her presence, her compassion, and her intuitive insight. It is a true blessing “

L. W.

“Lisa has been an invaluable source of inspiration and a force of positive encouragement. She is always willing to listen without any judgement. Moreover, I believe I am a better person and more equipped to handle my fears and difficulties because she has helped guide me to my center. The power of love is inside everyone one of us, and Lisa can help you on your journey to find that. “

Shawna Melby

“Lisa can read your energy with her eyes. She does not use rote techniques but feels her way into the places where things are stuck and with that “felt knowledge” beings a process of releasing, relaxing, and healing the old patterns held within body and soul.”

Paul S.

“Lisa’s session are deep, accurate, and transformative. She is extremely intuitive and highly adept at finding the root source of issues that I had been carrying around for years.”

Kristin Dunlap

“After our session yesterday, I woke up feeling really good. I feel grounded, focused, like I am fully in myself, even my voice feels deeper. I am noticing a shift in myself after having just a few sessions with you. I am able to talk with people comfortably and in a more caring way. I am really grateful to be feeling that. Thank you very much.”

– M. Brooks

“I ran 5 miles a day, did yoga, lifted weights, read veraciously, had an impeccable diet, and I still needed something more. I was crippled by extreme depression. Trust me, there is something to gain from her presence in your life. She is progressive, in touch, and fantastic to work with. Some great insights and hidden solutions may come your way. She is one in a million. Go for it – you are here to be happy, free and do amazing things.”

– Nicolas Cohen. Entrepreneur

“I hired Lisa to learn meditation. It was much needed to combat the stress of my job at the time. She is a calming and informative light, in an otherwise frenzied world. I highly recommend Lisa to any one looking to improve mind, body, and spirit.”

– Phil O’Riley

“It feels so good to feel such safety that I can be so open with you. That is very healing for me. Sometimes when we have a session I think I’m doing ok and I wonder what we are even going to talk about today, and then what we explore is so powerful that I get a huge revelation and I am blown away that we went beyond what I thought was possible.”

Chris Hoffman

“My experience with Lisa has been all positive. What began in my life as a bad thing (an injury from an accident) turned into a true blessing when I began working with Lisa. Lisa’s skillful touch has helped me to heal at a deep level. I know she takes responsibility for herself and does her own spiritual work to be the best she can be. Lisa has truly been given the gift of healing. She does not condemn me when I share a struggle and that allows me to uncover the root of a problem. She has taught me many helpful tools to release negative emotions, to retain self control, and to rest in the flow of love. Another special blessing of Lisa has been her transparency. When appropriate she has shared her own challenges that she has overcome. Many times, because she shared, I had a new understanding and felt empowered to address my own issues. Lisa is serious about her life’s work and she really helps you to become all that you want to be. I am very thankful for Lisa and miss her when we don’t have sessions. I recommend her to you wholeheartedly! She has been a sweet blessing in my life.”

Bess C. Abare, Attorney at Law

“Thank you for giving me hope when I was hopeless, a rope when I was ropeless, and love. The true deep love of which I was not consciously aware of yet. Before our work together I felt like everything I did was wrong. Now, after working with you, I have a belief that I am perfect just the way I am.”

Gordon H.

“Thank you very much for being a part of my journey. I loved it when you said the true reasons for these meditations are to connect deeper within ourselves and access our purpose. I want to share that I have been continuing with the feminine energy meditations and it always grounds me and brings me back to myself, it’s empowering. Another thing that has happened that seems amazing to me is that I now have a strong sense of my purpose and mission in life, just as you said would happen. It’s opening up very naturally. Thank you for your help Lisa, it definitely did a shift!”

Sara A. 

“Lisa coached and mentored me in meditation and health and wellness. She is extremely knowledgeable in all of these areas and is a master and helping anyone achieve the total mind, body, and spirit balance, which is needed to gain optimal well-being. In addition, she is a kind and nurturing soul.”

– Cate Hansen. C.L.C 

“My 12 year old daughter is dealing with the loss of her father who suddenly asked for a divorce and moved 9 hours away. She was always very close with her father, so his absence is causing her great pain. My daughter refused to talk to a therapist for the past 6 months. She has been very shut down, depressed, and wont open up to anyone, including me or her friends. Lisa offered to try to help my daughter. I was amazed during their first conversation that within only a few minutes I could hear my daughter opening up to Lisa. My daughter began to cry and talk about all the things she had been holding in and by the end of the session they were hugging each other. On the trip home my daughter told me how much she loved Lisa and hoped to talk to her again soon. Thank you Lisa for helping my daughter and I break through.”

Deedee Laux

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