Harmonizing with the Feminine Principle of Creation
through the Regenerative Powers of the Womb


Sessions are an opportunity to deepen into your Womb
as a Source of Regenerative Power.
All Women have this gift of regenerative power.
It is available to you in any cycle, season or age of your life.


Your womb holds keys to your ability to regenerate every aspect of your life.
By harmonizing with your womb as she spirals through
her monthly process of regeneration,
she connects you to the greater spiral of the Sacred Mystery of Life.


All spirals are interconnected.
The spiral of the sun around the galaxy,
the spiral of earth on it’s axis,
the spiral of moon around earth,
and the spiral of your womb cycle that spirals around the moon.
Your Womb is an alchemical vessel that is connected to the whole of the Cosmos.


Your womb holds your greatest gift and can also carry your greatest wounding.
Womb healing is one of the most transformational ways
that a woman can transform her life.
Feminine Regeneration Sessions support you to
release the pain held in your womb so that you can receive it’s

Soulful, Intuitive, Ancestral, Feminine Guidance.

The Valley Spirit never dies
It is named the Mysterious Female.
And the doorway of the Mysterious Female
Is the base from which Heaven and Earth sprang.
It is there within us all the while.
Draw upon it as you will, it never runs dry.


 ~Tao Te Ching, Chapter VI,
Translated by Arthur Waley

Sessions are Infused with a Variety of Modalities

+ Womb Healing +

You are guided inward to receive the Regenerative Medicine of your Womb.
We tend the Garden of your Womb and release any pain that may be held there.
You will be realigned with the Feminine Principle of Creation.
You will be Rebirthed and Restored.

This Offering is Somatic & Energetic.
It can be received as Hands-on Healing or as Pure Energy, with no touch.


+ The Medicine of Love +

Heartmath Techniques to Reestablish your Hearts Coherence
Neurodharma of Love Practices to Deepen you into your Heart’s Intuitive Guidance.
This brings your Mind, Body, and Emotions into Alignment and Balance.


+ Energy Medicine +

We work with your Energy Field to access healing at the Quantum Level.
We Restore Harmony within your Energy System so that you can
experience a state of Vitality and renewed Well-being.

Feminine Regeneration Sessions

+ Are Tailored to You +


+  Provide a Trauma-Sensitive Space +



+ Offered Via +

Zoom Video with Recording
In Person: Crestone, CO


+ Session Exchange +

Accessible pricing is our Heart Centered Offering.
Sessions are Donation Based.


“I’m very glad I found Lisa. She came into my life at a time when I needed deep emotional understanding, comfort and guidance. She’s very knowledgeable and was able to help me understand my experience from a deeper place. She comforted my chaotic emotions and guided me deeper into my own self. Lisa works with awareness and energy in a way that is incredibly helpful and feels deeply therapeutic.”
Khatera Sahak

“I worked with Lisa for feminine energy healing and meditation. She guided me every step of the way to go deeper into my own feminine aspect, which I had forgotten for a long time. I felt so calm during the healing meditation. Her voice was so sweet that I was able to deeply relax and let myself go into a meditative state. She taught me how to work on my own everyday to heal myself from within. I’ve been working with the practices she taught me and I feel that I am much more confident as a woman and I finally feel worthy of love. Lisa really understood me and sincerely cared for me. This made me feel that I can really trust her and share my deepest fear and the pain in my heart. I have never felt a spiritual practitioner care so much about me until I met Lisa. I also trust her methods because of how she lives her own life and how happy she is. This is another example that what she is teaching is very genuine and it works. I am much happier and healthier after working with her. She is a true example of a beautiful woman and a trustworthy, competent and wonderful coach. Thank you so very much Lisa!”

Keiko Angel


Your Womb is an alchemical Mystery that Births
Spirit into Matter.
You carry an Altar of Life within your Womb.
You can Create and give Birth to Life.
Your Womb is a Holy place.

Your Womb is a representation of the
Cosmic Womb of the Universe,
and the Womb of the Earth.
Connect your Womb with the Wombs of the
Universe and Mother Earth
and you Harmonize with the Feminine Principle of Creation.

Dissolve into the Depths of your Womb
Deepen into the Mystery that is You

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© 2018 Lisa Love